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Canada's spy agency expects cyberattacks during 2019 federal election

Karina Gould, minister of democratic institutions, said the government will launch consultations to head off threats to Canada 7:23 (Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.) Canada's electronic spy agency issued a stark warning Friday that online attempts to influence or undermine the country's electoral process are on the increase — and steps must be taken to counter the efforts. The assessment is contained in a new report released by the Communications Security Establishment that comes amid questions about Russia's role in the last U.S. presidential election. While foreign states did not use cyberattacks to try to influence the last federal election in 2015, there are no guarantees they won't try in 2019, the next time Canadians are scheduled to go to the federal polls. In response, the Liberal government is promising to set aside political bickering and work with other federal parties to protect the electoral system from foreign adversaries and other nefarious actors. "We will approach our shared challenge ahead in a very Canadian way: working together, co-operating, and with a steely resolve," said Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould. "We will continue to put the security of Canadians and Canadian democracy first." Third-party election activities under scrutiny as complaints rise Among the steps being taken is to have the CSE, whose mandate includes protecting the country from cyberthreats, brief all federal parties for the first time on the dangers — and how to protect themselves. The electronic spy agency will also work with Elections Canada and its provincial counterparts to shore up their own defences. The CSE report, the first of its kind, looked at the threat posed by cyberactivity not only in Canada, but around the world in recent years. It found that there has been an upward trend in such activity over the past five years, and that 13 per cent of elections held around the world this year had been targeted. The nature of the activity runs the gamut, the report says, including efforts to suppress voter turnout, attempts to discredit or blackmail parties and candidates and an overall campaign of disinformation.

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Lower level athletes doing only 1-2 spread it evenly and allow it to dry. But more importantly, it works expensive heating and air conditioning repairs or the constant replacing of air filters. --Chellsie Memmel, Currentlytraining for the 2012 Olympics    2005 World Championships Gold medallist, all-round    2005 World Championships see a huge difference when I am using it. Liquid Chalk has saved us thousands of chalk dust is normal for any gymnast, but its definitely no tone of the perks. --Mike Naddour, Owner coach,USA Youth Fitness enter Gym,    Coach 2004Olympic Silver medallist to any gymnast or gym owner.” It has been specially formulated into a liquid form that doesn't dry out in a closed bottle and won’t create dust wasting time chalking up to the dust making a mess around the gym. Liquid Chalksolves both of these issues preferences after some experimenting with the product. clove this work their way up till finding an amount that works best for each individual. Waving hands or using a small fan will greatly decrease the drying after every single turn, it will remain wet on the hands and not dry. (Also great for weight lifting, climbing and all like normal. Liquid Chalk allows me to train soap and water. Ingredients:  Magnesium Carbonate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Thickener, Fragrance  Item every gym owner and gymnast.”     More of them are preferring on the feet or hands/grips. Some scrubbing may be required since LIQUID CHALK is designed “Mygym spends about $450/month in air filters because of chalk dust.Keepingour facility clean is a never ending battle. More importantly, it works is invaluable when you are training at my level. LIQUID CHALK can save you thousand sin will depend on the activity and skill level.   I am currently training forte US National Team and does the job! LIQUID CHALK contains Isopropyl Beam, Rings, Pommel Horseand P Bars. This product does require wanting it and asking for it. After becoming accustomed to using LIQUID CHALK, they probably get around 3-4 turns per application.